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Pasta with grünem asparagus and pistachios in lemon Buttersoße

[Contains advertising] When the days start to become longer again, is that for me to be honest even the first glimmer of hope on the horizon said. Because I don't know, the spring is not far. No other change of season and I feel as intensely as the change from Winter to spring. All other times of the year to follow, in a way, "seamlessly", and are not nearly as spectacular.

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Because when the first warm sun-diving rays in the spring, everything in a new light, and this stunning fresh Green of the plants and trees to see at once anywhere, the smells of the flowers and, not least, the ur-familiar singing of the birds, then my feelings do somersaults. The spring is just to love and if I had him as a "man" in front of me, I would hug him. Very solid press and say to him: "glad You're finally back".


The great thing about the spring is that he's tulips to me, my beloved free country-and, of course, the long-awaited ASPARAGUS brings ? . Both are one of my absolute favorite messengers of spring. How beautiful, then, in the context of the Blogger Challenge of ALDI SÜD, the theme of "messengers of SPRING" was put out to tender. To make the task a little spring-like on the table what is seasonal and regional. As I Packed, of course, the opportunity, and a new asparagus recipe tinkering.


The Asparagus season is not at all indispensable for me. I love asparagus, whether White or Green and depending on what you want to cook, is sometimes white, sometimes green asparagus better. Although I must admit that I always choose more often for green asparagus because it is so incredibly versatile, this delicious nutty taste note. For my asparagus recipe in the context of the Blogger Challenge of ALDI SÜD I wanted to use Pasta to the asparagus. Because Pasta with green asparagus, for me, are an unbeatable Team.


Also unbeatable because you can give the asparagus so well to the pasta water. Just the last 5 cooking minutes noodles for the preparation of the green asparagus to use. Two birds with one stone, if you will. A further combination of which I find delicious with asparagus total butter sauce and I had the basis for my recipe.

Supplements I got the Pasta with green asparagus with lemon. The give the dish a very fresh Note gives as well as the glorious smell of Basil and chopped pistachios. The pistachios not only to Nibble on a good, but blend in wonderfully with the green asparagus and give my Pasta dish a delicious crunchy touch.

If You want to see what my Blogger-colleagues within the framework of the Blogger Challenge "spring messengers" of ALDI SÜD on the table conjured, then take a look at the Small, culinary, Tasty, fun, Sandra's cooking blog or Foodistas over.

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Pasta with green asparagus and pistachios in a lemon-butter sauce

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TOTAL TIME30 minutes
SERVINGS4 people



  • 400 g Pasta of choice - e.g. Penne for 8-10 Min. Cooking time
  • 500 g green asparagus - washed and in approx. 2-3 cm pieces cut
  • 1 Organic Lemon - Abrasion
  • 50 g of pistachios with shell, roasted, without salt - From the shell and coarsely chop
  • 60 g Butter
  • 2 cloves of garlic - finely sliced
  • 30 g of Basil - coarsely chopped
  • Sea salt, black pepper and lemon juice - to Taste
  • Parmsan, grated - to Serve
  • Slices of lemon and a bit of wear - ready to Serve


  • In a very large pot (in the asparagus also fits) You bring the salted water to a boil, give the Pasta and set the cooking time.
  • Until the Pasta water is boiling the pistachios from the shell and coarsely chop, as well as the Basil and chop. The organic lemon hot wash and grate the zest, and the garlic , peel and finely cut.
  • The green asparagus, washed, woody Ends (about 2 cm), truncate and oblique at all in approx. 2-3 cm pieces cut.
  • The green asparagus the last 5 minutes of pasta cooking time of the pasta in the cooking water.
  • The Butter zerlässt You on medium level in a large frying pan (pasta and asparagus to fit in) and dünstest the garlic in it until he's nice and smells good. But it must not be too dark otherwise it will be bitter.
  • After the cooking time of the noodles with the asparagus , drain and add to the garlic Butter in the frying pan give.
  • Now You give the rest of the ingredients into it: namely, the chopped pistachios, the lemon zest and the Basil.
  • All together , mix with sea salt and black pepper to season it well and add lemon juice to taste.
  • I wish You a good appetite!


Have You tried the recipe once? What do You think of it? I am always happy to praise, friendly criticism, or Your tips and experiences. Let us via the below comments function in exchange to stay. That would make me very happy.

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