This simple recipe for quick puff pastry Pizza with smoked salmon and Dill. The fleet of puff pastry pizza scheckt also cold and fits to each Buffet.

Quick Blätterteig Pizza with R—ucherlachs and Dill

I think you should but the recipe is always a couple of trump cards up their Sleeves ? . Such the a in some life situations quickly and fix and without great effort are prepared. My quick puff pastry Pizza with smoked salmon and Dill is such a "trump card in the Sleeve". Not only is it fast "off-the-cuff" but it also tastes cold and very tasty, which makes them even more versatile.

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The fine smoked salmon does, of course, a large share of the taste. It is a delicious, healthy all-rounder that has a permanent place in my kitchen. Not only for so many cold dishes, it is the iTüpfelchen but also for hot food. Also, so delicious when processed into finger food, or simply "only" on a fresh bread roll for Breakfast. One way or the other, just to get set up.


The quick oven dish with smoked salmon and Dill has served me on numerous occasions good services. Whether for a quick dinner for my men and me, as a contribution for a Buffet, or when dear friends come on a glass of wine over – spontaneous or planned ahead of time. The puff pastry Pizza with smoked salmon and Dill is versatile and the smoked salmon really is something Special.

The type of preparation is also called "Swedish pizza". In some variants, you have encountered me with a sour cream, Creme Fraiche or sour cream, which was added to the Egg-cheese mass. I have waived, however, in the case of my recipe, because I wanted to taste the smoked salmon more intense out of. Milk products are taking away is always easy to taste.


I took the recipe from my perspective, a sufficient smoked salmon quantity for a harmonious flavor composition, at least the way we like it. The amount of the costs are manageable because of high-quality smoked salmon is not cheap. On the site You can also vary, and more smoked salmon for the quick puff pastry Pizza use if You want to. I serve usually with a green salad.

Another delicious recipe with smoked salmon and puff pastry are my savoury Muffins with spinach and smoked salmon.


Quick puff pastry Pizza with smoked salmon and Dill

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TOTAL TIME25 minutes
SERVINGS4 people


  • 2 packs of puff pastry à 275 g / 270 g - from the cooling rack
  • 200 g salmon, smoked
  • 300 g Gouda, freshly grated - or Gruyère, or Emmental cheese
  • 4 Eggs - Size M
  • 1/2 TSP sea salt
  • 1/4 TSP pepper, white
  • 1/4 TSP nutmeg, freshly grated
  • 10 g Dill, fresh - finely chopped


  • As the first heats You get the oven to 180 degrees convection before.
  • Then, the baking sheet, grease it , and the two flaky pastries on it to design and a margin account. PLEASE BEACHE: Usually it is necessary to produce flaky pastries to facilitate the processing of approximately 10 minutes in advance from the refrigerator, get.
  • Then the salmon in a piece of pluck and on the dough distribute.
  • The 4 eggs with the spices in the mix , and the freshly grated medium-old Gouda mix.
  • In connection with the Egg-cheese mass on the salmon-puff pastry spread.
  • For about 15 minutes on the middle rack in the preheated oven , or until cheese and puff pastry nice and Golden brown baked.
  • Before Serving, stir in the finely chopped Dill on puff pastry pizza type. I wish You a good appetite!


Have You tried the recipe once? What do You think of it? I am always happy to praise, friendly criticism, or Your tips and experiences. Let us via the below comments function in exchange to stay. That would make me very happy.

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