The simple, successful safe recipe for savoury Muffins with spinach and smoked salmon. A quick Snack that is suitable for Brunch or the Buffet.

Savoury Muffins with spinach and R—ucherlachs

[Contains advertising] Everyone has to spend his own ideas as he is the own life evening. My father and my step-mom, for example, have opted for a sun island, have emigrated. My parents-in-law wanted to get rid of the Ballast, have sold their house with a large garden, and smaller. Easy to enjoy more freedoms. A decision that we supported them all, of course. Nevertheless, it is a time of the year, the Easter days, because mourn my men and I to the "old house" and its environment is difficult.

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Because, idyllic, in my opinion, could be a house hardly. It bordered directly on a variety of large fields, which were ordered by the farmers. To see In the distance the forest edge. Directly behind it is a clearing and a small lake. With the beginning of spring and the Glint of the sun, an incredibly picturesque, beautiful place.

Oster-Freude -

When we arrived at the Easter holidays as a family there together, it was a veritable breath from everyday life. Our son and his cousins were able to play outside and the rest of us relaxed just. The common food of course was also too short. Because on Easter Sunday and is traditionally gebruncht in the family. Today we come together, of course, if it is possible, still all at Easter. Just in a different place.


I think a Brunch on Easter is a great thing! There are so many to be served, a variety of Goodies, which you can plastering cozy over a period of several hours. A lot of time for the family and extended conversations, like no other Festival. Everything is bathed in cheerful colors and with a lot of weather luck the food can be moved even outside.

Herzhaftes mit Spinat und Räucherlachs -

This year, ALDI SÜD has also be invited to the Easter brunch or the Blogger cooking challenge under the same name, Motto put. A Brunch, you can prepare perfect, as a Team, and it spends a alone a lot of time in the kitchen. If everyone brings something, is also a great diversity ? .

Herzhaftes mit Blätterteig -


My recipe contribution for the ALDI SÜD Easter brunch are savoury Muffins with spinach and smoked salmon. They are simply made with reasonable ingredients and can also be perfectly prepared. I find everything to prepare with ready puff pastry dough can be terribly handy. Leaves do not taste the dough is not only delicious but appetite also always insane Lich. Also, I love the combination of spinach and salmon. My savoury Muffins with spinach and smoked salmon taste by the way, warm, lukewarm but also cold, very tasty.

Herzhaft gefüllt -

Look what my Blogger colleagues of Goodies to the cooking challenge Easter brunch help: Foodistas, Sandra's cooking blog, Julie feels good, Small, culinary, Tasty, fun, Cook and bake with Andrea.

Savoury Muffins are a good fit on the Easter brunch Buffet, but I have some more ideas for You , for example, my simple spinach pie with Ricotta and Egg nests , or my savory Mini cream cheese croissants with cheese and ham.

Another delicious recipe with smoked salmon and puff pastry is my quick puff pastry Pizza with smoked salmon and Dill.


Ideal für ein Brunch nicht nur zu Ostern -

Savoury Muffins with spinach and smoked salmon

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TOTAL TIME45 minutes




    • 2 packets of puff pastry from the refrigerated shelf - approx. 275g
    • 200 g of TK-spinach, is frozen - allow to defrost. Alternatively 200g fresh spinach
    • 200 g Cheddar cheese, freshly grated - Alternatively, Gouda (young or old)
    • 100 g smoked salmon - Alternatively, fresh salmon or sheep's cheese/Feta
    • 100 g sour cream
    • 1 Egg, Size M
    • 1/2 TSP nutmeg, grated
    • Salt and black pepper - to Taste


    • The spinach should You are in time from the freezer and thawing can. Just as the puff pastry out of the fridge, get the must in the rule prior to the preparation of approximately 10 minutes at room temperature to enjoy.
      Savoury Muffins with spinach and R—ucherlachs
    • If You are then the preparation star test, heats up You first the oven on 200 degrees top/bottom heat on and fat the wells of Your muffin tin lightly with, for example, Butter.
      Savoury Muffins with spinach and R—ucherlachs
    • In connection verrührst You in a bowl the sour cream with the Egg and half of the grated cheese and taste it with nutmeg, salt and pepper from.
      Savoury Muffins with spinach and R—ucherlachs
    • The smoked salmon You cut in small cubes and the spinach and press firmly in a sieve with a wooden spoon that he still a little as possible water has.
      TIP: Ich use the expressions of the spinach with my hands, like a sponge, the expressing, I find the easiest way.
      Savoury Muffins with spinach and R—ucherlachs
    • Now entrollst You the two packs of puff pastry and cut each a pastry sheet into 6 squares (approximately 12 x 13.5 cm), so that You at the end of the 12 squares have, for each muffin hollow one.
      Savoury Muffins with spinach and R—ucherlachs
    • In each muffin hollow puts You in the center of 1 pastry square. Best to press the dough gently with your fingers in the Form. It still needs the dough to overlap, the You later, cracking up.
      Savoury Muffins with spinach and R—ucherlachs
    • Now You hand out the smoked salmon and the spinach evenly into the dough troughs.
      TIP: You can use the smoked salmon and the spinach is also on the bottom of Your cream cheese mixture, then You have no "layer" look.
      Savoury Muffins with spinach and R—ucherlachs
    • After You hand out the sour cream-cheese-mass, also evenly, with two spoons (one takes a strips) on the smoked salmon-spinach strata.
      Savoury Muffins with spinach and R—ucherlachs
    • The rest of the cheese, so the second half of the approx. 100g, distribute You evenly on the filling.
      Savoury Muffins with spinach and R—ucherlachs
    • Now the pastry plate tips fold down and in the same way as the edges press firmly.
      Savoury Muffins with spinach and R—ucherlachs
    • Now You give the Muffins on the middle rack for ca. 20-25 minutes in the hot oven and allows you to Golden-yellow baked. I wish You a good appetite.
      TIP: You can make the Muffins prima to prepare, to set in the fridge before You serve you want to bake. They fit wonderful on a Brunch or Party Buffet, but also very good as an Appetizer with a salad.
      Savoury Muffins with spinach and R—ucherlachs


    Have You tried the recipe once? What do You think of it? I am always happy to praise, friendly criticism, or Your tips and experiences. Let us via the below comments function in exchange to stay. That would make me very happy.
    Savoury Muffins with spinach and R—ucherlachs
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