It all started with a loose idea that has spread itself further and further into my head and quick as a flash, with my "inner voice", I...

1. Blog birthday contest

It all started with a loose idea that has spread itself further and further into my head and quick as a flash, with my "inner voice", I call them affectionately "little man", became friends. Both were very quick to agree, with me from morning to evening, a prayer wheel, must be warm, I should dare just, the thing with the food blog.

In those days, my husband talked incessantly of a Blogger he had great found, and of which he has many tips to be a Hobby get. My best friend was of the opinion, alone in the possession of my new and beloved Kitchen Aid food processor would be the Wink par excellence to start a food blog with my recipes to be noted. Also, the "little man" a babbled on incessantly at me. At once I met bloggers from morning to evening. On the Internet, in magazines, on television, on Youtube – Ü B E R A L l.

I had already once, this selective perception. Last pregnancy with my son. In this particular time it was, from the Moment I knew about the pregnancy, I saw only baby bellies and strollers, and everything "around the child". So it was me with the food blogs and the bloggers.

1. Blog Geburtstag -

As I dare and my food blog at 8. April 2017 to start. With all my cooking passion, a head full of ideas, and the great heart's desire is to let my readers in my recipes, and to be perhaps even a real, everyday help.

Since my Blog Start is very much happening and some of the Highlight I can still not really grasp. I have many, for me also new things to be experienced and discovered. I could make a memory album as the first child, with nice Headings such as: "My first Time this my first Time ...". One of the most beautiful Blog-"First Time" by the way, the photography that I have taught to me for the Blog. Because I was of the opinion that anyone who wants to blog should also be able to take pictures. So I will never forget the day I photographed the first Time a court and sweating and pondering the camera held in her hands, and the food was slow unsightly ? .

The most Beautiful thing of blogging is the love and laudatory comments from You, dear reader, but, if I could give You once again an Inspiration. This gives me the drive and motivates me each and every day to make more.

Therefore, a big thank you to You! Let's celebrate!

In Celebration of my 1. Blog-birth day, I wanted to raffle as well, to thank me. There is the opportunity for You one of my favorite and most frequently used kitchen utensils to win: A new, from me to You purchased, KitchenAid hand blender Set in Onyx Black with various Mix - and Rühransätzen. The SRP is 159,00 euros. Everything Packed in a practical case, only the chopper and the blender jar (with cover) You need to store separately. For me, my Kitchenaid is no longer staff an integral part blender out of my kitchen.

1. Blog Geburtstag -

There is a lot of accessories is really can do with the much great:

The "S-meter"so You can, for example, Mixing, Crushed, and Puree, for example – very important! – Soups and sauces, but also Smoothies and milk shakes.

The "star blade" for Grinding and Hacking of, for example boiled meat, and raw meat.

The "Frother" to Froth, and Mix of, for example, milk for Latte and Cappuccino, as well as pancake batter.

The "whisk" for Beating, Emulsifying, for example, egg whites, whipped cream, and Vinaigrette.

The "chopper" of, for example, vegetables, Parmesan cheese, peanuts, bread crumbs, or, or.

1. Blog Geburtstag -



? You're either a subscriber to my E-Mail newsletter, my Instagram channel or my Facebook page.

? Write me under this post a comment, which of my recipes You like the best and You bounce a lot in the pot.

? If You take Your chances, then look at my Social Media channels on Instagram and Facebook over and Bouncing with a further Los in the pot by You in the contribution to my contest question to answer, which of my recipes You like the best. But this is not a Must!

? The competition starts with the publication of this post and ends on Tuesday, 10. In April 2018, 23: 59. The lot decides.

? The draw takes place on Wednesday, 11. In April 2018 , and the winner will be from me directly by E-Mail (or by personal message on Instagram & Facebook) to be notified, as well as in this Blog post published.

? Should not notify the winner within 2 days of my contact with me, will forfeit the prize and it will draw a new winner.

? You're over 18 or have written permission of Your parents.

? Shipping only in Germany and Austria (DHL package).

? No cash, no claims in case of loss. Legal recourse is excluded.

? The competition is of independently operated and is not associated with Facebook, Instagram or other Social Media channels.


I wish You the best of luck and press You fingers crossed!

1. Blog birthday contest





First of all I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the love congratulations and motivating lines.

The participation to the contest was on all the channels is huge, and now the lot has decided.

The lucky winner is: ?Elma (elmagro****

Congratulations, dear Elma, You, the KitchenAid hand blender you Set in Onyx Black with various Mix - and Rühransätzen won and I will contact You.

Thank you to everyone for Participating and don't be sad if it's not worked out this time?.


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