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Mini cottage cheese-applesauce Hörnchen

[Contains advertising] When I was a child, I helped in the holidays, often in the bakery my grandparents. The two had a bakery in a small village in southern Germany. I loved it in the sweet-smelling bakery in on the action and you as well, I was able to go to the Hand. I especially loved to help in the preparation of the squirrel, which made no other like my grandpa. Memorable delicious. Probably my outspoken fondness for croissants of all kinds, and my Ecstasy if I have a in front of me comes from.

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In the Revel of these beautiful childhood memories, to brood, I often squirrel recipes. Unfortunately, my grandpa can be a valuable counselor, because he died very suddenly almost 30 years ago, and has unfortunately taken its croissant recipes "".

To cushion the conceptual impetus for my Mini-cottage cheese-applesauce I had at Breakfast, because I eat in the morning, very much like cottage cheese with applesauce. My new discovery is the company Odenwald the "cold grated Apple sauce", it tastes nice and fruity apfelig and very fresh, also because it's different than regular applesauce, only after Grinding is heated.

So I sat on the bowl, so before my Breakfast and I was thinking, what you could do with Quark and delicious Apple puree from Odenwald, so everything...: "squirrel, maybe?" ? . Quark in doughs I've processed already several times, but applesauce? Then I found out that you can replace in pastries and cakes, a certain percentage of Fat (e.g., Butter) due to the applesauce. Isn't it great? Reduce fats is always good.

So I started to Potter around in my "squirrel-experimental bakery," and to experiment with the proportions of Butter and applesauce. The applesauce is not only a "fat-reducer", but gives the Mini-cottage cheese-applesauce squirrel is a wonderfully juicy texture and a fruity taste.

This fruity taste I couldn't get enough and that's why I had the idea to reach out to the Quark-applesauce croissant in front of the Roll up with applesauce the best. The applesauce pulls wonderfully in the dough and make the croissants still fruity and juicy. For the purpose of I've tried the delicious Odenwald "Apple &" -varieties. For one, Apple & pear, Apple & apricot or Apple & Mango. All three are so delicious that I couldn't decide. The reason I used all three plus the cold grated applesauce, of course. What are four dough portions ? !

If the Mini-cottage cheese-Apple sauce croissants come out of the oven, are my men of Europe, because of the lovely smell, which is not easy. I could not so far see so fast, so fast they were plastered, because they don't taste just so delicious and fruity but not too sweet.

The Mini-cottage cheese-applesauce ends fixed match from my point of view on each of the Brunch Buffet, for Breakfast, as a complement to the coffee table, as a gift for the Kindergarten or school or, or, or. You'll see, you go like nothing.


Mini Cottage Cheese-Apple Sauce Croissants

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TOTAL TIME40 minutes




    • 250 g wheat flour (for example, Type 550) - Alternative: spelt flour Type 630
    • 250 g Quark, 20% fat i.Tr.
    • 150 g Butter - slightly soft
    • 100 g applesauce - for example Odenwald cold grated applesauce
    • 1 TBSP sugar - optional
    • 48 TL applesauce for the filling - for example Odenwald Apple & pear, Apple & apricot, Apple & Mango
    • 1 egg yolk - beaten


    • As the first link test You the flour, the Butter, the applesauce, the Quark and optionally sugar with the hand mixer, the kitchen machine or your hands to form a dough.
    • The dough is a little sticky, so the dough scraper from the bowl and on the floured work surface with a little flour by Hand final to a smooth dough to knead. To shape it to a ball.
    • Then You Transact the dough-ball in cling film and give it to you for a minimum of 4 hours or longer (like overnight) in the fridge.
    • Before You get started, You can time the oven to 160 degrees convection preheat.
    • The by chilled dough divide it into four equal-sized dough portions. The first dough portion, knead You by. The remaining three dough portions You give to processing directly back in the fridge.
    • Now You rolling with the rolling pin, roll each dough portion on a floured work surface, from the center out, about 26 cm in diameter from. The dough from time to time, applyto both sides enough flour to get the dough on the rolling pin sticks.
    • Then cut You 12 narrow "pieces of cake" , or take a piece of cake one piece. Press it firmly onto the dough disc, so that the pieces emerge. This You will only have to "re-cut".
    • Now You give to each "pie piece" approx. 1 TSP of applesauce a variety of Your choice.
    • After that, fossil hand You the applesauce to the cake pieces or the small TL-Serving as it is.
    • Now each "pie piece" with the wide side starting to a croissant roll.
      NOTE: This is the applesauce on the edge of something out of the sources, but this is not bad but very tasty ? .
    • The croissants with a little distance on a baking paper - lined baking sheet place.
      NOTE: For two dough portions 24 squirrel You will need a baking sheet.
    • The work surface with a kitchen cloth clean and re - flour spread. With the remaining dough portions in the same way.
    • Before the croissants in the oven come up, swipe each croissant with egg yolk so you have a nice color to get.
    • The squirrels are at 160 degrees convection , on the middle rack for about 20 minutes in the oven until they are Golden yellow baked are. Best the baking sheets one by one in the oven and "bake". I wish You a good appetite!


    Have You tried the recipe once? What do You think of it? I am always happy to praise, friendly criticism, or Your tips and experiences. Let us via the below comments function in exchange to stay. That would make me very happy.

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