The Food Blog that makes it easy for you. The simple, successful safe recipe for cream sponge cake with white chocolate with a step-by-step guide in pictures.

Cream Rührkuchen with weißhe the chocolate

Now I'm a real Sport to find out of cake recipes, to develop or continue to develop, the every ready baking mix to make competition. Because of the sense of a finished baking mix did not reveal to me until today. Maybe I'll even do it someday to open a heading "10-minutes-baking plant", because I have developed many recipes that fit underneath. That would be nice.

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Such as my cream sponge cake. I didn't invent, of course, the wheel. I don't know if this is at all in the art of baking is still possible. There are clear rules and targets, which set the Backfee, otherwise, the thing with the guarantee of Success.

Sahne Rührkuchen mit weißer Schokolade -

Anyway, the idea was obvious to me when I have no Butter and certainly no the time also the butter is soft as requested, I'll take cream. So! A fat ingredient and so against the other exchange. RUB-a-dub Butter against cream, which has also a lower fat percentage. The fillet I wanted, the cream and sponge cake with a hint of white chocolate in the Rührmasse and crowning, and finally plating.

Sahne Rührkuchen mit weißer Schokolade -

I know, I know, the white chocolate is actually not a real chocolate because it contains only cocoa butter and no cocoa powder. And sugar, of course. But white chocolate is just unbeatable delicious and my absolute favorite chocolate since I was a child. Therefore, they had to have something to do with the cream and sponge cake to.

Sahne Rührkuchen mit weißer Schokolade -

The cream sponge cake, You can modify to your heart's content. Without the white chocolate, for example,? . You can set a half of the mass with baking cocoa touch, à la marble cake. Also, with glaze, without glaze, just dusted with icing sugar and, and, and. He is in many variants, tasty and a true all-rounder. You'll see, and as I said in 10 minutes stirred.

Here You'll find in the Rest of the even further very simple sponge cake recipes. My chocolate mug cake and my lemon mug cake with yogurt.


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