Tagliata is one of my favorite summer dishes. Take a good rump steak, fry it briefly and crisp brown on both sides, cut it into ...

Tagliata with plum rosemary gremolata. Short roasted steak with sweet salty herb topping. To clean!

Contains advertising misunderstood stone fruit

Contains ads for misunderstood stone fruit

T agliata is one of my favorite summer dishes. You take a good rump steak, roast it short and spicy crispy brown from both sides, cut it into slices ... and zack! ... the superfast, delicious comfort food is ready. Without a long rumgemache in the kitchen and Schwitz-Schwitz, but with plenty of time for a sundowner glass of rosé on the balcony. Incidentally, boredom can not arise on the dinner bread front, because Tagliata can really be "styled" incredibly versatile. My current tip: Tagliata with plums and rosemary gremolata ​​p>

The pan-seared steak we sprinkled with a mixture of fresh herbs, garlic and lemon zest - the originating from Lombardy Seasoning gremolata.. The extra blast: Our Gremolata gets a great spin through juicy-sweet California prunes. What ... prunes in the food? Yes, that's right! They are a perfect match for meat and enhance the aroma. Maybe one or the other remembers that grandma always had some prunes for her perfect roast pork? Exactly. Therefore.

Why the California prunes are

not nasty and dry, but remain plump, juicy and delicious, you have already read with plum tomato chutney with the delicious cheese crostini. But did you know that they bring not only an exciting dose of flavor, but also important nutrients to your food? Prunes contain quite a bit of vitamin K as well as manganese, potassium, and vitamin B6, which, among other functions, help maintain bone structure and help maintain normal blood pressure and blood clotting. So: delicious and exciting for a balanced diet. Who to want to know more: Detailed information can be found on the homepage of Amaz n Prunes

Back to our Tagliata:. Shipyard a few green salad leaves on a plate, the steak slices arranged nicely on it and tops the whole with plum-rosemary gremolata. A little more sea salt and olive oil and then ... hmmmm ... enjoy the incomparable scent that rises from your plate! And if someone wants to serve a little more carbohydrates: boiled potatoes or a rustic baguette are great.

Have it!

PS: Need some more tasty tagliata?Add the rump steaks and brown on each side for about 3-4 minutes. Remove from pan and let stand briefly.

Cut off the fat edge of the fried rump steaks and discard (or freeze for a broth). Slice the meat crosswise.

Place the green salad on a plate and arrange the tagliata on top. Season with coarse sea salt and sprinkle generously with the Plum Rosemary Gremolata. Drizzle with olive oil.

Serve with boiled potatoes or baguette.

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